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Cardiac Care | Community Nurse & Hospice CareCardiac Care | Community Nurse & Hospice CareFEBRUARY IS NATIONAL HEART MONTH

Do you know someone with Heart Disease? Chances are you do. It might even be you but…


  • In the United States, almost six million people are afflicted with heart failure
  • According to the American Heart Association, 550,000 new cases are diagnosed each year
  • Heart disease is the #1 cause of hospitalization
  • Locally, heart disease is our #1 health problem and heart failure is the number one cause of death in Bristol and Plymouth counties
  • Obesity, inactivity/sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol, smoking, hypertension, age, gender and family history are all risk factors for heart disease
  • The good news is with early detection and treatment you can improve quality of life and life expectancy.

Community Nurse & Hospice Care is best positioned to help. 20% of Community Nurse & Hospice Care’s patients already manage their Heart Disease through our Cardiac Care Program. Patients in our program receive comprehensive on-going help at home with cardiac Tele-Monitoring services, medication reconciliation, dietary oversight, a multi-disciplinary team supervised plan of care as well as continued disease specific education for self-care and improved quality of life.

Home Tele-Monitor | Cardiac Care Program | Community Nurse & Hospice CareThe most vital aspect of our Cardiac Care Program is our Home Tele-Monitors. Early identification of disease symptoms allows the Community Nurse & Hospice Care clinician to consult the patient’s physician and initiate intervention promptly.

In addition to reducing hospital readmissions, it shows long term cost benefits while encouraging patients to adhere to medical recommendations. Home Tele-Monitoring enables and supports patient participation in managing their health and has proven to have a favorable effect on their health behaviors such as diet and medications.  

To learn more about what Home Tele-Monitoring is, what kind of program Community Nurse & Hospice Care has in place and our expansion plan please visit our website CLICK HERE!

Community Nurse & Hospice Care | Cardiac Care |Tele-Monitor Program

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