AHA! Now that’s community wellness

Join us tonight at the Celtic Coffee House in downtown New Bedford during AHA! night.  

Community WellnessStop in from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm to cast your vote for the Community Nurse & Hospice Care photo entry in the What’s the SCUIP?” photography competition.This photo was taken at the Community Nurse & Hospice Care wellness center at Taber Mills Elderly housing. Which is an example of adaptive reuse at it best, preserving the history of the city while meeting the evolving needs of its residents. The photo was one of ten finalists selected from hundreds of entries.  Follow this link for directions to the Celtic Coffee House.

Taber Mills Elderly HousingIn 2011, Taber Mills Elderly Apartments finished a multi-million dollar renovation and partnered with Community Nurse & Hospice Care to provide community wellness services to its residents. The renovations included the addition of a beautiful community wellness center, an exercise gym, a general store and many upgrades to the apartments and facilities. The Community Nurse & Hospice Care wellness center provides nursing services to residents five days a week, with an emphasis on community wellness and aging in place. Community Nurse & Hospice Care provides residents with vital sign monitoring, health counseling, health care advocacy, as well as ongoing exercise education. Community Nurse & Hospice Care is a not-for-profit visiting nurse association with ties to our community since 1916. Our mission is to empower and educate our community about their health and to help our community members achieve their optimal level of health regardless of age.

Mill Site

The Standard-Times file photo / This
1990 file photo shows the former Alden
Corrugated Box building in the heart of
the city five years before the building burned and was demolished in 1995.

The original Taber Textile mill site was built in the early 20th century and included the current Taber Mills Apartment building and abutting structures. The adaptive reuse of this mill site began in 1981 with the opening of Taber Mills elderly housing to meet the growing need for affordable elderly housing in New Bedford.  The abutting structures were abandoned in 1991 and were the site of a devastating fire in 1995.These abutting lands became a Brownfield success story, with grant monies and EPA funding the land was cleaned up and redeveloped for different local businesses.Follow this link for directions to the Celtic Coffee House. Follow this link for directions to the Celtic Coffee House




Friday, May 17th at the Kittansett Club, Marion


featuring the Great Golf Ball Dro

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