Blood Pressure Clinics

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Community Nurse Home Care cares for all members of our community through complimentary health and wellness clinics. Attendees have their blood pressure monitored by a Registered Nurse at regularly scheduled clinics throughout the month.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure can help identify high blood pressure. High Blood Pressure or hypertension is rarely accompanied by any symptoms, and it is usually identified through screening or as a result of treatment for an unrelated medical problem.

 Untreated hypertension has been linked to an increased risk of  heart disease, stroke and even kidney failure. Community Nurse Home Care nurses are also available for consultation regarding the effects and side effects of your blood pressure medications. Community Nurse holds blood pressure clinics Fairhaven and Acushnet:

Every Tuesday

Fairhaven Town Hall, 2 – 3 pm, Fairhaven, MA

Every Thursday 

Fairhaven Council on Aging, 9 – 10 am, Fairhaven, MA

1st Tuesday of each month

Oxford Terrace Housing, 9 am, Fairhaven, MA

McGann Housing Complex, 10 am, Fairhaven, MA

Every Wednesday 

Acushnet Council on Aging, 9-10 am, Acushnet, MA

2nd Monday of each month

Presidential Terrace, 2 – 3 pm, Acushnet, MA

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