Wellness in the Community

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Community Nurse Home Care is fortunate to have a dedicated and driven staff member like Pat Midurski, Director of Wellness and Alzheimer’s Coordinator. In 2004, Pat participated in the Strong Women, Strong Bones training program at Tuft’s University.

 The program, developed by Dr. Miriam Nelson of Tuft’s University, is based upon years of research on how strength training, exercise and proper nutrition improves the health of women of all ages. Her studies confirmed that exercise in women improves bone density, reduces falls, and improves arthritis symptoms, and increases flexibility and strength.

strong women strong Bones | fitness wellnessFor more information about a Strong Women, Strong Bones exercise program near you, contact Pat Midurski at 508-992-6278, or by email at pmidurski@communitynurse.com.


Wellness Center at the Fairhaven Council on Aging

Every Tuesday 9:30-11:30 am
Contact the Fairhaven Council on Aging at 508-979-4029 to make an appointment. Walk ins welcome.

Community Nurse and the Fairhaven council on aging host a wellness clinic that is complementary and open to the public every Tuesday. This wellness clinic is an opportunity for anyone with questions or concerns about their health to schedule an appointment with one of Community Nurse Home Care’s skilled nurses.

The appointments are thirty minutes long and allow for an in-depth discussion regarding  the health concerns of the individual. Topics have ranged from medication side effects, concerns over high blood pressure, to recent changes in functional status.


How much do you know about diabetes either to help manage the disease for youself or a loved ones? For example, did you know?

  • Testing the sides of your fingers is less painful than testing the tips.
  • Scented waterless hand gels contain sugar and may drastically skew your blood sugar readings.
  • The side of your finger provides over twenty testing spots.
  • A mini hand massage can improve the testing process.

These are just a some of the tips participants learn at our most Diabetes Boot Camp series.

Community Cares for Caregivers

Community Nurse Private Care is pleased to sponsor the Community Cares for Caregivers seminar series 


This series was developed to not only support family and friends who have undertaken the task of caring for a loved one but to enhance the caregiving relationship.  Caregiving can be stressful but can also lead to increased satisfaction in the relationship.  With an aging Baby-Boomer generation, our healthcare systems are more taxed, increasing the likelihood that we will enter in to a caregiving relationship.  Learn useful techniques to make caregiving more fulfilling.   

Above and Beyond Getting Through presenters include:

  • Patricia Midurski, R.N. on navigating caregiving for loved one’s with dementia when no roadmap is available;                
  • Janice Warr, R.N. on aromatherapy and other complementary therapies to augment the caregiving relationship; and,
  • Mary Finnin, Hospice Chaplin, on healthy methods for coping with grief and loss.