Key Private Care Staff

Linda Harrison O'Brien | Private Care Manager | Community Nurse Private Care Linda Harrison O’Brien

Linda Harrison-O’Brien is the Manager of Community Nurse Private Care. For the past 20 years, Linda has been an integral part of Community Nurse and, more recently, the team that founded Community Nurse Private Care. Linda draws on her extensive experience in the fields of mental health, intake/referral and quality assurance to manage the operation of Private Care and to supervise both our private and certified home health aides. Her work exemplifies the Private Care principle of assisting families to keep their loved ones safe and well-cared for in their homes.  Linda is a member of the Private Care Advisory Board for the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

Debra Roderick | Team Leader | Community Nurse Private CareDebra Roderick

Deb is the Community Nurse Private Care Team Leader. As Team Leader Deb, is not only responsible scheduling our licensed caregivers in our patients’ homes but also assists their hiring and supervision. Deb combines years of direct care experience with superior interpersonal skills in order to successfully pair each patient’s unique needs with the skills and personalities of our caregivers. Deb has been a valued part of the Community Nurse team for the past fifteen years.


Cristal L. Medeiros | Community Liaison | Community Nurse Private CareCristal L. Medeiros

Cristal is the Community Liaison for Private Care. She joined the Community Nurse Private Care team in June, 2012, with the task of communicating the scope of services provided to elders, caregivers, families and healthcare professionals. Liaison services for Cristal, however, do not end when an elder becomes a patient; she strives to provide on-going customer relations that enrich the Private Care experience.