This Community is Happening!

Community Nurse & Hospice Care delivers comprehensive care to our community in four ways: 

          • Home Care/Visiting Nurse Services
          • Bridge & Hospice Care
          • Private Care
          • Community Happenings

You probably hear a lot about the first three in-home services through our blog, newsletter, website and perhaps directly through our care… this week we want to tell you about some of our programs outside of the home and in the community. Here are two of our most current Community Happenings


How much do you know about your diabetes? For example, Did you know?

            • Testing the sides of your fingers is less painful than testing the tips.
            • Scented waterless hand gels contain sugar and may drastically skew your blood sugar readings.
            • The side of your finger provides over twenty testing spots.
            • A mini hand massage can improve the testing process.


These are just a some of the tips participants learned at the first two sessions of our most recent Diabetes Boot Camp series at the Dartmouth Council on Aging. There are still two sessions left in this series and it’s not too late to join us. The next two sessions will be on May 7th and May 14th at the Dartmouth Council on Aging. Attend one session or both! Follow this link for more information



On Saturday April 27th at the Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion, Community Nurse & Hospice Care presented Healthcare Literacy @ the Library. Community Nurse’s CEO Jane Stankiewicz , RN and other members of the Community Nurse & Hospice Care team presented an intimate question and answer session on the complex ins and outs of today’s healthcare system.

Healthcare is complex. Sometimes we all need a little help navigating the system. This presentation covered topics of interest to patients and caregivers alike. Participants learned helpful hints, tips and advice on how to be the best patient advocate for yourself or a loved one. Everyone who attended received a resource guide that can be brought to the hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy, rehabilitation facility or wherever you receive healthcare. This invaluable guide helps you keep track of important information, lists essential questions to ask and prepares you for your healthcare journey.


Community Nurse & Hospice Care provides ongoing community wellness events and services to the Southeastern Massachusetts area. These include education presentations, blood pressure clinics, dietician outreach services and other community wellness programs. A complete list of our community wellness topics, also known as Community Happenings, can be found by following the links below.  If your community group would like to schedule a Community Happening please e-mail to make you request.  Follow these links for a complete schedule of wellness activities near you.



Friday, May 17th at the Kittansett Club, Marion


featuring the Great Golf Ball Drop

CLICK HERE for all the event information!





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