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Last week we shared the wonderful news of Sue Sullivan’s Manager of the Year award. We are so proud of this recognition. However, sometimes the recognitions our staff receive are not quite so public.

We receive many notes, letters and emails from grateful patients and their families for the services and care provided to them by our compassionate staff. These mean so very much to our staff and our agency as a whole. They are a strong reminder of why the services we provide, although sometimes invisible to the outside world, are so very important. Some of them can be found on our website by CLICKING HERE!

Below are three recent notes  from families who received Hospice Care or Private Care focused on bringing comfort, self-respect and tranquility to their loved one in the final days of life. Knowing these families, and countless others, truly appreciated the expert attention to the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our patients is the best recognition there is.

  • Wife of a patient, Dartmouth

When Walter was diagnosed with a terminal illness we were determined that he would stay at home, but at the same time I was fearful and unsure that I would have the ability to fulfill that wish. Your excellent organization stepped in the unknown void, first with palliative care and then with Hospice to support, answer questions, advise and give confidence that, yes, my husband could die in my arms here in our home. That experience gives me enormous comfort. Thank you for your sympathy and your care – you all practice the “art of medicine!”

  • Wife of a patient on behalf of the entire family, Fairhaven

Words cannot express the sincere gratitude we feel for your compassion and caring during a very trying time. In spite of his illness, John always looked forward to your visits; you made him very happy. We certainly feel fortunate to have had all of you as his caregivers; we know he had the best. The care he received was very comforting to us and made it easier to cope with the inevitable. If there are angels on earth, you certainly are among them.

  • Daughter of a patient, Fall River

Thank you so much for all your help supplying nighttime home health care while my mom was ill. My mother enjoyed the company of all the aides she had the pleasure to meet, they “know just what to do and make me feel safe.” Mom died with dignity and respect and her wishes were met: to die at home, in the house my Dad and she purchased (60 years ago) and renovated lovingly, surrounded by her possessions and paintings, with my husband and I at her side. Thank you also for lightening the burden of being the caretaker. Even though she was ill for a relatively short time, the situation can become overwhelming very quickly.

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