Why Choose Private Care?


  • Complimentary initial visit by a licensed professionalMember of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts 2012-2013
  • Two hour minimum service up to 24-hour a day care
  • 24/7 phone coverage
  • Long-term care insurance & credit card billing available
  • Compassionate, high-quality care by experienced, licensed, insured and bonded professionals
  • Consistent, on-going supervision, training, and evaluations by licensed nurses
  • Portuguese-speaking providers available
  • Full service agency: certified visiting nurse services; physical, occupational, and speech therapies; palliative and hospice services
  • Please call to discuss your specific needs.


How can Private Care Specialty Care Packages Help You?

3 Hours of Diabetes Private Care could provide for grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation for one week, logging blood sugar results, medication reminder, and light exercise.

6 Hours of Pulmonary Disease Private Care could provide for weekly laundry, changing sheets, medication reminder, and heavy household chores like vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.

12 Hours of Alzheimer’s Disease Private Care could provide for three four-hour time blocks of respite for a caregiver, housekeeping, laundry, cognitive stimulation, walks, board games and personal care for the patient.