Home Care: How to Prepare for a Private Care Aide

If you or a loved one is suffering from an acute illness, sudden injury, or are recovering from surgery, you may benefit from the services of a private care aide. Studies show that most people recover faster and have fewer complications when they receive care in the home following a stay in the hospital. Chronic and progressive diseases may demand more consistent care, including round-the-clock nursing, remote monitoring, and other specialized services. In-home healthcare is convenient and comfortable for the patient and also helps to keep individuals out of the hospital and reduce the potential for further injury or frequency of emergency room visits.

Making the Transition to Professional Care

Preparing the household for home care may be challenging, especially to those who are used to providing the care to a loved one themselves. Take time to prepare yourself to hand over the caregiving responsibility, and feel free to discuss any concerns or questions prior to the first visit. You will find that most home care agency services are understanding about the difficulties experienced during this type of transition, and they will do whatever they can to help you step back and allow the nurse to perform their duties.

Other preparations can be much easier. Make sure that you have all of the medical prescriptions, supplies, treatments and lists of emergency contacts, including physicians, available for your nurse. You can post the information on the refrigerator, next to the phone, or in another easy-to-reach area. Keeping everything organized and available will make caring for your loved one a lot easier.

Secure any items of value to prevent concerns about theft, especially if multiple providers, suppliers, and helpers will be in and out of the house. This protects your private care aide as well simply by keeping certain belongings out of shared spaces. If you share the home with anyone else, make sure everyone is aware of any off-limits areas or rules about the use of appliances, food, and other areas of the house.

Understand What to Expect

Your home care agency will explain what to expect regarding the frequency of scheduled visits and the services that will be provided in the home. This will help everyone to understand what their role is in the household and ensure that you are prepared for your home visits. What are your expectations? Will you be hiring home care to take care of the cooking and cleaning in addition to providing medical services, or will you take care of the non-medical support? If your loved one has any advanced directives or power of attorney, make sure the legal information is taken care of on the first day.

At Community Nurse Home Care, our Private Care services are designed to optimize the patient’s health and empower them with the ability to stay home with the maximum level of independence.  We also provide home health services such as nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, registered dietician, memory loss support, palliative care and hospice services. 

Call for a Professional Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about any of the professional medical and non-medical services we provide at Community Nurse Home Care, give us a call. We can answer any questions you might have about home care in Westport and the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area. Call today at 508-992-6278 or ; mail us directly via info@communitynurse.com. For more than 100 years, Community Nurse has provided quality home care services to patients in the local region. Our clinicians can assist you with your recovery from injury, surgery, or illness where you are the most comfortable – in your home.