How you can prevent falls and make your home safe.

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Community Nurse Home Care’s patient focused, 5-star rehab staff has some suggestions to help keep you and your family safe.

Making your home safer

  • Clear out objects that can make you trip/keep objects off floor
  • Rearrange furniture to have walking paths clear
  • Remove rugs or use double sided tape so rugs won’t slip/bunch
  • Keep electrical cords out of the way, coil or tape cords/wires next to the wall so you can’t trip
  • Add railing to both sides of stairs inside and outside
  • Fix loose or uneven steps, loose handrails
  • Remove items on stairs
  • Add grab bars inside/outside of tub/shower and next to toilet
  • Use nonskid mat in tub/shower
  • Have Adequate lighting
          – Stairs should be well lighted with switch at the top and bottom of stairs
          – Night lights-hallways, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
          – Rely on family/friend to replace/change your burn out light bulbs
  • Rearrange items in your cabinets (kitchen/bathroom)
          – Keep items you use often within reach
          – When using a step stool, get one with bar to hold on to
          – on’t use chair as step stool
  • Keep emergency phone numbers in large print for easy access
  • Keep your cell phone charged at all times/keep a phone within easy access in each room
  • Consider wearing an alarm device (personal emergency response system)


What can you do to prevent Falls?

  1. Talk to your doctor/your healthcare provider to evaluate your risk for falls
  2. Review your medications, prescribed and over the counter
  3. Ask about Vitamin D supplement needs
  4. Exercise-do balance and strength training
  5. Have your eyes checked yearly; increased mindfulness if using progressive and or bifocal glasses. Consider owning a pair of glasses just for distances.
  6. Wear shoes inside and outside of the home.  Avoid slippers. Wear shoes that fit well, have a firm heel to provide stability and a textured sole to prevent slipping.